Zaituni Msengwa


A PhD student in Phytomedicine at Sokoine University of Agriculture in collaboration with University of Copenhagen (Denmark) under DANIDA-GRILI Project. She is researching on antimicrobial resistance and plants derived antimicrobials. She is also Laboratory scientist at the Institute of Traditional medicine in MUHAS. She is a holder of M.Sc. in Traditional Medicine Development (MUHAS, 2014) and B.Sc. Education (Chemistry and Biology) (University of Dar es salaam, 2009). During her M.Sc. studies she did a research on investigations for antimicrobial, antioxidants and toxicity studies against extracts and pure compounds from Mammea usambarensis fruits. She has experiences in In-vivo and In-vitro bioassays as well as identification and characterization of pure compounds from plants. Her research interest is in drug discovery from natural products with much emphasis on the bioassays of medicinal plants as well as hands on skills of advanced techniques in microbiology and molecular biology as well as chromatography methods of analysis.
Publications:• W Kalala, A Mwakigonja, S Mareges, Z Msengwa and R Mahunnah (2015). Brine Shrimp Lethality and Acute Oral Toxicity of Commiphora swynertonii (Burrt) Exudate. Pyrex Journal of Medicinal Plant Research.1(3):010-018• Pax J. Masimba, Joseph J. Magadula, Zaituni Msengwa, Rose B. Tarimo, Zakariah H. Mbwambo, Matthias Heydenreich, Dimitri Breard, Pascal Richomme, Eltayeb Fadul Fadul Alla. (2014). Biological potentials of extracts and compounds from Mammea usambarensis Verdc. Fruit. Journal of Advanced Scientific Research.5(3):7-12• Joseph J. Magadula, Pax J. Masimba, Rose B. Tarimo, Zaituni Msengwa, Zakariah H. Mbwambo, Matthias Heydenreich, Dimitri Breard, Pascal Richomme. (2014). Mammea-type coumarins from Mammea usambarensis Verdc. Journal of Biochemical Systematics and Ecology. 56: 65-67