Hatibu Ghaamid Abdulbasat, wins African Technology for Good video competitions

Mr. Hatibu Ghaamid Abdulbasat a third year student in BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management at the Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education. He won African Technology for Good Video Competition that showing activity to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals and inspire others with their actions for the environment and sustainability. Videos were shortlisted by a judging panel and open for public vote on tvebiomovies YouTube channel. The competition was supported by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU (German Federal Environmental Foundation).

Hatibu Ghaamid Abdulbasat

 Ghaamid Abdulbasat Hatibu  a student of Environmental Sciences and Management at the Sokoine University of Agriculture, he describes himself as an environmentalist and geospatial enthusiast. His film highlights an initiative to combat environmental degradation in the Dodoma region of Tanzania. The region has suffered an increased frequency of droughts in recent years connected to global warming. Soil erosion and desertification is strife in the area.

However, farmers and local authorities are coming together to make Dodoma green again. Ghaamid’s film focuses on the ‘Kisiki Hai’ initiative, also known as Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR), developed by GM Environment and the Lead Foundation. ‘Kisiki Hai’ means living stump and is the method of regrowing trees from stumps; a low-cost form of land regeneration.

Video link: African Technology for good – Ghaamid Hatibu – SUA

Mr. Ghaamid Abdulbasat Hatibu he is currently the Chairman of Environmental Watch Association (EWAT), established under the department of Geography and Environmental Studies at the Solomon Mahlangu College of Science (SMCoSE) – SUA.  Mr Ghaamid in 2018, has won a world wide Video competition under the United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification.  He also won Top 20 Photo Competition under the United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification. In this Competition, another colleague from Sokoine University of Agriculture Dr. Peter W. Mtakwa working with the Department of Soil and Geological Sciences won the 11th position.  

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2018 Photo Competition under UN Convention to Combat Desertification

01. Ghaamid Abdulbasat Hatibu – Land Degradation, a Threat to Sustainable Future [Tanzania]

11. Peter W. Mtakwa – Land Degradation in Kongwa, Tanzania [Tanzania]

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