The Department of Biosciences participates in the Edward Moringe Sokoine Memorial Week

Exploring Juncao Technology: Judge Joseph Sinde Warioba (on the right) learns about sustainable agriculture at the 2023 Edward Moringe Sokoine Memorial Week exhibitions

The Chancellor, Judge Joseph Sinde Warioba, led the Sokoine University of Agriculture community in celebrating the Edward Moringe Sokoine Memorial Week from 23 May 2023. Edward Moringe Sokoine, after whom the Sokoine University of Agriculture is named, was a prominent Tanzanian politician and statesman. It is delightful that the university continues to honour his memory through the Edward Moringe Sokoine Memorial Week. Judge Sinde Warioba’s involvement demonstrates the importance and significance of the event.

Under the leadership of Dr. Beda Mwang’onde, the Department of Biosciences actively participated in the exhibitions. The department’s participation in the exhibitions demonstrates their active involvement in showcasing their research, projects, and accomplishments in the field of biosciences. Exhibitions are an excellent platform for sharing knowledge and creating awareness about the department’s activities and contributions to the field of biosciences. By participating in exhibitions, the Department of Biosciences can engage with the public, students, researchers, and other stakeholders, providing them with an opportunity to learn about the latest advancements and breakthroughs in biosciences. It also allows the department to foster collaborations and network with other organizations, potentially leading to further research opportunities and partnerships. Exhibitions serve as a valuable tool for promoting scientific innovation, raising awareness about environmental conservation, agriculture, and other areas related to biosciences. It is commendable that the Department of Biosciences at the Sokoine University of Agriculture recognizes the importance of such events and actively participates in them.

Mr. James Mwesongo showcased Juncao grass technology. Juncao grass is known for its ability to improve soil fertility, provide forage for livestock, and serve as a renewable source of energy. This technology has the potential to contribute to sustainable agricultural practices.

Mr. James Mwesongo explaining the Juncao Technology during the 2023 Edward Moringe Sokoine Memorial Week exhibitions

Mr. Jackson Saiperaki, a member of the academic staff in the Department, presented a poster on the community structure of endemic fish species in the Kilombero Valley Floodplain. This research focused on studying the biodiversity and ecological dynamics of fish species specific to the Kilombero Valley Floodplain, providing valuable insights into conservation efforts and ecosystem management.

Mr. Maulid Shabani’s poster focused on the reduced genetic diversity and effective population size of Lake Salmon, Opsairidium microlepis, in degraded habitats. This research highlights the impact of habitat degradation on the genetic diversity and population dynamics of the Lake salmon species, emphasizing the need for conservation measures. Maulidi is currently pursuing a Master of Science with Education (Biology) in the Department of Biosciences, College of Natural and Applied Sciences. He is also researching the “Population genetic structure of Ray fish (Pateobatis jenkinsii) along the Tanzanian Coastline.”

Dr. Silvia Materu, a dedicated member of the academic staff, played a pivotal role in organizing the exhibitions. Her active involvement and efforts in coordinating the event were instrumental in ensuring its success. By taking on this responsibility, Dr. Materu demonstrated her commitment to promoting the Department of Biosciences and creating a platform for researchers and students to showcase their work. Her expertise and organizational skills greatly contributed to the smooth execution of the exhibitions, allowing participants to effectively present their research, projects, and accomplishments in the field of biosciences. Dr. Materu’s dedication and contributions are highly commendable and have further enhanced the significance and impact of the event.

Dr. Silvia Materu: Member of the organizing committee  for the Edward Moringe Sokoine Memorial Week

These exhibitions showcase the diversity of research and projects within the Department of Biosciences, highlighting their contributions to scientific knowledge and practical applications in various areas of biosciences. Such events provide an opportunity for researchers and students to engage with the community and create awareness about their work.

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