Head of Department’s Welcome Message

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Biosciences, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Sokoine University of Agriculture. The biosciences community is forever passionate and thriving, with varied expertise working at the front line of life sciences research. Our uniqueness dwells on nurturing independent thinkers through the provision of exceptional learning experiences and environments. Members of faculty, technical staff, and administrative staff form a nucleus of a multitalented community ambitious to make things happen, an attribute that attracts outside communities to join us as partners in research, members of staff, and undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Department of Biosciences is one of the founding departments of the then Faculty of Science, now the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Sokoine University of Agriculture. Since then, Biosciences Department with over 1,200 students, has remained the leading multidisciplinary department offering over forty courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students across the university. Through a progressive approach to teaching and research (emphasis on how to think rather than relying on a commitment to memory), our faculty members and inquisitive students persistently pursue excellence, break boundaries and impact real societal problems. Being the only Department one can enjoy the transformative experience; the Department of Biosciences remains the home to diverse disciplines of life sciences, academic freedom, and courage to challenge, question, and think differently.


Beda John Mwang’onde, PhD.

Head of Department of Biosciences

“Science for a Healthier Educated People and a Greener & Cleaner Environment”