Mobility in Innovative Green Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Bioeconomy (INTERACT-AFRICA) is a four-year Research Project implemented by the Sokoine University of Agriculture. The project was launched on 26th April 2024.

The objective of the project is to advance knowledge of green technologies in Africa and increase scholars’ capacity in addressing climate change mitigation and sustainable bioeconomy. The project will promote opportunities for learning by strengthening the capacity building of higher education based on training and education in green chemistry, biology and information technology. This will develop a skilled workforce capable of implementing sustainable practices that could establish green technology businesses in Africa.

The implementation of the project at SUA will focus on the development of a Bio fungicide fertilizer formulation for a cost effective ecofriendly innovation for management of soilborne plant diseases and soil fertility. The project is expected to find green solutions to crop diseases such as wilting diseases in tomato, egg plants, and spices in turn reducing the use of industrial chemicals to protect the health of consumer and biodiversity.


The project focuses on Chemistry, Biology and Information Technology, with emphasis on conversion of organic waste to valuable bioproducts for transitioning into environmental sustainable and socially inclusive economies.

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