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Bsc.Education(Physics and Mathematics)

Bachelor of Science with Education majoring in Physics and Mathematics.
The aim of this programme is to produce well-qualified teachers in support of
government initiatives in improving the quality of secondary education in the
areas of Physics and Mathematics.

Entry requirements:

Two principle passes in Physics and Mathematics
Semester 1
Core Courses: Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism I, Physics Practical I,
Foundations of Analysis, Linear Algebra I, Principles of Education,
Introduction to Educational Psychology
Elective Courses: Numerical Analysis I, Principles, Theories and Contemporary
issues of Development, Communication Skills I*, Organisation of Information
Semester 2
Core Courses: Vibrations and Waves, Physics Optics, Physics Practical II,
Calculus of Functions of a Single Variable, Teaching Methods, Computer
Applications, Communication Skills II, Teaching Practice
Elective Courses: Relativity and Cosmology, Introductory Statistics, Linear
Programming, Linear Algebra II, History of Education
Semester 3
Core Courses: Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics, Fundamentals of
Electronics, Physics Practical III, Calculus of Functions of Several Variables,
Mathematical Logic and Formal Semantics, Mathematical Statistics, Principles
of Curriculum Development
Elective Courses: Electromagnetism II, Atmospheric Physics, General
Mathematics III, Sociology of Education, International and Comparative
Education, Childhood Development and Learning, Entrepreneurship and
Semester 4
Core Courses: Statistical Thermodynamics, Physics Practical IV, Operations
Research, Ordinary Differential Equations, Educational Assessment and
Evaluation, Guidance, Counselling and Special Needs Education, Teaching
Elective Courses: Fundamentals of Materials Science, Computational Physics,
Radioactivity and Environmental Radiology, Dynamic meteorology I, History of
Mathematics, Human Resources Management in Education, Organizational
Behaviour in Education
Semester 5
Core Courses: Physics of the Atom, Physics Practical V, Complex Analysis,
Abstract Algebra, Educational Media and Technology, Research project I:
Research Methods and Proposal Development
Elective Courses: Soil Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Technology and
the Environment, Dynamic meteorology II, Numerical Analysis II, Partial
Differential Equations, Economics of Education and Finance
Semester 6
Core Courses: Solid State Physics, Earth-Atmosphere System, Rigid Body
Mechanics, Functional Analysis, Educational Management and Administration,
Research project II, Teaching Practice
Elective Courses: Diagnostic Radiology Physics, Continuum Mechanics,
Philosophy of Education, School Governance
Career Opportunities
Graduates of this degree programme work as teachers. Prospective employees
include Government, Higher Learning Institutions, Research institutions,
Private institution and NGOs’.