Empowering Future Innovators: TCRA Bootcamp at SUA Equips Young Women to Develop ICT Solutions for Societal Challenges

We are thrilled to share the incredible success of the recent TCRA-sponsored bootcamp at SUA, where the Department of Mathematics and Statistics saw a remarkable turnout of talented female students. In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at bridging the gender digital divide, the purpose of the event was to empower and prepare these young women to develop innovative ICT solutions that would address pressing societal issues.

The girls from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, who actively participated in the bootcamp, showcased not only their academic prowess but also their dedication to making a positive impact in the world. The diverse range of activities and workshops offered during the event allowed them to delve into the realm of technology, encouraging them to explore creative and impactful solutions to real-world challenges.

As these young women engaged in hands-on sessions and collaborative discussions, it was evident that they were not just attendees but contributors to the narrative of change. The bootcamp aimed not only to enhance their skills in mathematics and statistics but also to empower them to leverage technology for the greater good.

The Department takes pride in the commitment and enthusiasm displayed by its female students. This event marks a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and gender equality in STEM, with a focus on empowering these young minds to be catalysts for positive societal change.

As we celebrate the success of our female students at the TCRA bootcamp, we anticipate the ripple effect of their innovative solutions in addressing societal issues. The journey of these aspiring mathematicians and statisticians is indeed one to watch, as they emerge not just as leaders in STEM but as change-makers driving impactful solutions.

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