About Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education (SM-CoSE)

 Welcome to the Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education in Morogoro, Tanzania. The college has highly trained staff and modern facilities suffice to run sciences courses, environmental courses, informatics courses, education courses, statistics courses and other associated fields. The college offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs with students coming from across the country, other African countries and beyond the continent. The Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and education has broad-ranging programs in physical sciences, life sciences, informatics and mathematics that can provide a deep understanding of emerging research and technology, encompassing such powerful disciplines environment, meteorology, hydrogeology, natural products, biosciences, phytochemistry, mathematics, statistics, bioinformatics, science teachers education, informatics, network science, computational sciences, cognitive and life sciences.


Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education is among the largest colleges at the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), that encompass the range of scientific multidisciplinary professionals and programmes. The aligned academic programmes and research at the Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education combining the outstanding academics, real-world experience, and interdisciplinary opportunities of a world-class research university, the College provides students with the best foundation to achieve their goals, in graduate school and in the professional world.

Our scientists and students share their knowledge with the local and broader community through extensive outreach and public service initiatives. Our mission is to encourage the aggressive pursuit of research excellence, to support novel teaching and outreach programs and to create scientific benefits and economic opportunities for our community. Solomon Mahlangu college have unique experiential learning approach combined with a strong culture of undergraduate field practical and special research projects that provides students with numerous opportunities to collaborate with different secondary schools, industries, private and government research institutes, mining and other potential stakeholders. Our college is strongly promotes interdisciplinary research and interdisciplinary thinking among college staff and students, fostering the pursuit of innovation-driven discoveries that make an impact on livelihood and scientific communities.