CoNAS Website Tops SUA’s UWC Rankings in the Fourth Quarter, Secures Second Place for the Year

The College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CoNAS) website has soared to the top of SUA’s overall website rankings for the fourth quarter, capping off 2023 on a positive note. Notably, the Department of Informatics and Information Technology (DIIT) website debuted in the top five of the university’s overall website rankings in 2023, taking fifth place. This achievement is especially significant considering the competition from larger entities such as Colleges, Directorates, Schools, and Centers, which often have more information than individual departmental sites.

CoNAS website also took first place in the category of best College/Directorate/Centre/School websites.

Meanwhile, CoNAS’ individual departments maintained their good performance in the category of departmental website rankings, with the DIIT’s website emerging victorious and the Department of Chemistry and Physics (DCP) remaining in fifth place as in the previous quarter.
The ascension of CoNAS’s websites, which include the main college site and two departmental sites, to the top tier in the last quarter reinforces our college’s persistent dedication to providing excellence in information dissemination through its online platforms. This ascension shows the college’s ongoing commitment to providing its audience with a great online experience and essential resources.

For the annual ranking (2023), CoNAS emerged as a frontrunner, securing a commendable second position across all SUA websites.

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