Exciting News: TWO Research Groups led by members from the College Win Dual COSTECH Grants

The College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CoNAS) at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) is pleased to announce a double victory, as they have successfully secured not one, but TWO grants. These grants, generously funded by COSTECH, IDRC and NORAD, represent a significant accomplishment for CoNAS.

The first team, under the guidance of Dr. Michael P. J. Mahenge, has emerged victorious in obtaining a grant for their pioneering project titled “Development of Artificial Empowered Crop Disease Surveillance Prediction and Management.” The accomplished team includes members such as Dr. Farian Ishengoma, Prof Camilius A. Sanga, Dr Richard Madeghe, Dr Beatrice Mwaipopo, and collaborators from TPHPA and RECODA.

In parallel, the second team, led by Dr. Neema N. Lyimo, has also secured a grant for their innovative venture titled “Digitizing Fish Farming Value-Chain for Enhanced Productivity and Food Security in the Lake Victoria Basin in Tanzania.” This team includes Dr. Silvia Materu, Dr. Cyrus Rumisha, Dr. Edvin Kitindi, Dr. Anthony Funga, and Dr. Beda Mwang’onde from SUA as well as Ms. Rehema J. Simwanza from MLF, Mr. Stephano A. Karoza from KAFFC, and Dr. Catherine Mwakyosa from TAFIRI.

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