Celebrating the Triumph of Innovation: Rosemary and Paschazia Students Wins Top Honors at Girls In ICT Day at SUA

We are delighted to celebrate the exceptional achievement of female student from our department Rosemary Vicent and Paschazia Kamugisha, talented student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Education (specializing in Mathematics and Information Technology). They are currently in their first year, studying in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, College of Natural and Applied Sciences at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA).

Our students collaborated with other four female students from other departments to form a group of  of six girls, they present their project that involves the Development of Cultural Learning Mobile App “Utamaduni App” and finally be the Top winner among other groups.

On that day, 20 female students from the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CONAS) attended a four-day bootcamp hosted by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in the last week of March this year, and the Conference Lab at SUA’s Solomon Mahlangu Campus. The purpose of the event was to empower and prepare the young women to develop innovative ICT solutions that would address societal issues.

The training camp was a preparation for International Girls in ICT Day, which is observed globally on April 27 and were held in Zanzibar for Tanzania. The girls left the boot camp feeling empowered and motivated to improve their communities. They were eager to put their newly acquired skills to use because they had been given the knowledge and tools necessary to develop creative ICT solutions that would address societal challenges. They were grateful for the opportunity provided by TCRA and SUA, and were determined to use their newfound skills to make a difference. With the support of the organizers, facilitators, and mentors, they knew that they could aspire and inspire in science, innovation, and technology (SIT).

“TCRA supports the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) initiatives to raise awareness of the gender digital divide, provide hands-on technology education and training, and encourage young women to seek jobs in science and technology,” part of TCRA’s tweet read.

At the end of the training, all groups presents their projects to a panel of judges, which includes representatives from the TCRA and College Instructors. The judges were impressed by the girls ‘creativity and ingenuity and are inspired by their passion for using ICT to solve real-world problems.

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