SUARIS 3 | CoNAS Wins 8 Projects

The SUA Research and Innovation Support (SUARIS) has announced its 3rd round of funding for SUA staff, and a number of teams from CoNAS were successful in securing 8 projects in total. Here are the details.

No. Project Title PI Amount
1 Reconstruction and Performance Evaluation of the SUA Waste Stabilization Ponds to Improve In-Campus Waste Water Treatment Douglas Werasimbo Mushi 80,000,000
2 Farm-Oriented Open Data (FOOD) to Improve Swahili Agricultural Information Search Using Knowledge Graph Joseph Philipo Telemala 29,990,000
3 Spatial temporal assessment of human development and eco-environmental consequences at Ngo Mariam Nguvava 29,500,000
4 Cutting-edge ICT tools for enhancing multi-stakeholder linkages to foster sustainable fish farming in the Kilombero Floodplain (Cute-fish) Abdulbastwa Hassan Athuman 30,000,000
5 Assessing The Impact Of Fire On Forest Structure And Restoration Using Advanced Remote Sensing Techniques Amina Amri Hamad 29,500,000
6 Promoting Efficient Sharing of the Agro-mechanization (PESA) Anna Geofrey 30,000,000
7 Developing Student-Farmers Centred Innovative Extension Prototype for Producing Entrepreneurs and Innovators in Tanzania Philbert S. Nyinondi 30,000,000
8 The role of knowledge and information intermediaries in mitigating resource-based conflicts between farmers and pastoralists in selected districts in Tanzania Ester Ernest Mzava 30,000,000


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