GRILI Project activities

GRILI project started in 2018 and since then different actvities are in progress as indicated in Pictures. The annual general meeting for 2019 was heldn at NMAIST on 26th and 27th February 2020. 



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Prof. Olav a New Collaborator for the Work Package IV, exploring the filed sampling area in Milerani, Simanjiro in Manyara Region 


Discussions  on work packages I and III On Cheracterization of Phytochemicals and assesment of GRPs in Tanzania


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Discussions on work package II on assesing the antimicrobial resistance of GRPs 


Discussion  on work package IV on Assessesing the marketing strategies  and proposes the Business Model for GRPs.


Synadenium Glaucescens Medicinal Plant

Synadenium spp Leaves turns yellow when drying, this indicate the change of compounds which necessitate considering drying method when preparing herbal products


A researcher collecting pax from S. glaucescens

Zaituni Msengwa (PhD student Sponsored by GRILI DANIDA project) collecting the Synadenium latex for antimicrobial studies. 


Reseachers harvesting samples from medicinal plants



Identification of Medicinal Plant with the help of Botanist Mr. Frank Mbago from the University Of Dar Es Salaam


Proposing the Business modal for Green Products in Tanzania by Mr. Eziacka Mpelangwa (PhD student Sponsored by GRILI DANIDA Project)



Researchers on field (at Mlima Kola, down the Eastern Arc Mountains, Morogoro) during the study on standardizing the harvesting and drying protocols for Commiphora and Synadenium samples, at Mlima Kola Morogoro


 Hon. Christopher Ole Sendeka, the Regional Councelor for Njombe Regional exchanging views with Dr. Faith Mabiki (left) and Prof. Robinson H. Mdegela (Middle) when they Visited Njombe region office. The aim of the Visit was to Introduce the GRILI DANIDA project and conduct a reconnaissance survey in 2018.


 A researcher (Dr. Faith P. Mabiki) collecting the Resin from Commiphora swynnertonnii in the fields of Manyara region.


A PhD reseacher (Mr. Frank Rwegoshora) who is sponsored by GRILI DANIDA project in a field for sample collection