Mr. Eliah Andingenie Kamwela


Eliah Andingenie Kamwela

Feature Description
Full Name Eliah Andingenie Kamwela
Position Principal Scientist

MSc. Crop Science and Production, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania 2009

B.Sc. Science General, The Open University of Tanzania. 2005

FTC. Laboratory Technology, Dar-Es-Salaam Institute of Technology, Tanzania 1997

Phone number +255 754 322 483 & +255 715 322 483
Research Interest Natural product Biotechnology Molecular biology, chemistry and biology
  • Conducting and supporting scientific investigations and experiments.
  • Planning, setting up and undertaking controlled experiments and trials, recording and analyzing data.
  • Demonstrating procedures, collecting, preparing and/or testing samples.
  • Maintaining, calibrating, cleaning and testing sterility of the equipment.
  • Providing technical support, presenting results to senior staff.
  • Writing reports, reviews and summaries, keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments.
  • Supervising staff.
  • Carrying out risk assessments, ordering and maintaining stock and resources.