Outreach Activities

Sokoine Memorial week

During Sokoine Memorial week the project involved by demonstrating main objective to the community, what is going on for community, expectations at the end of the project and everlasting activities beyond the project duration. By doing this the researchers intends to educate the community on the value of preserving the medicinal plants for the advantage of the whole society. This will help researchers to be familiar with the community understanding on importance and use of traditional medicines and where to improve.


Sabasaba and Nane Nane days 

Sabasaba and Nanenane holidays are performed on 7th July and 8th August respectively for every year at Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions respectively. These days are for promotion the export Tanzanian goods. During these public holidays the project aimed to demonstrate different issues the project performing especially on investigation of the value of medicinal plants including advanced preparation of traditional medicines, formulation of cosmetics like cream for treatment of skin infections and also medicinal plants as source of nutritious (food). The researchers will demonstrate how they find out the essential compounds form medicinal plants for treatment of diseases and infections in human being and animals, causes of antimicrobial resistance caused by poor use of traditional medicines and also excellent growth exports and alternative Medicines within and outside the country. This will build creativity to the community on the economic advantage of medicinal plants for family and community development.


Science promotion program 

It is one of the ways used to rise up the desire of studying science subjects to primary and secondary school students. It is conducted every year and this year will be conducted on May 2019. The Chemistry and Physics department intends to build up the positive understanding on sciences and technology at their early age. These make the students to be creative enough and become encouraged more to study these subjects early in order to build the world of science and technology starting from their schools, society and worldwide.


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Traditional Healers workshop

The workshop was conducted on March 2019 where the Traditional healers from Morogoro region were the main stakeholders leaded by Mr. Ramadhan Sanze. The workshop organized by the Principal Investigator (Dr. Faith P. Mabiki) of Green Resources Innovations for Livelihood Improvement (GRILI) Project aimed at building capacity on research. The main objectives of the workshop were to learn from each other, building relationship between researchers and traditional healers for development of traditional medicines that will contribute directly for family development. Four sessions was covered by different presenters for the whole workshop including chemicals of medicinal plants, antimicrobial drug resistance, Excellent Growth Exports and Alternative Medicine and Participatory Health. The presenters used Synadenium glaucescens and Commiphora swynnertonii as model medicinal plants.








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