Dr. Eliapenda Elisante Mariki


Dr. Eliapenda Elisante Mariki

Feature Description
Position Senoir Lecturer
  • PhD 2016 in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST),
  • M.Sc.(Environ. Sci.) – 2002, University of Dar es salaam,
  • B.Sc.(Ed) Hons – 1999, University of Dar es salaam,
Research Interest Chemical pollution and Climate Change
Phone Number +255 754 477486/ +255718100288
Emails eelisante@gmail.com or eelisante@yahoo.com
Skype Id (option) eelisante
    1. Elisante, E. & Tungaraza, C. T. (2017) Assessing significance of community documented climate impacts and adaptation preferences and options in the Lake Victoria region, Tanzania. Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management. (EJESM) (Accepted for publication)
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Workshop papers and Reports

  1. Mjemah, I.C., Mtoni, Y., Elisante, E., Tungaraza, C.T., Mtakwa, P.W. and Walraevens, K. Sources of salinity in the quaternary sand aquifer of dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. 22nd Salt Water Intrusion Meeting: Salt Water Intrusion in Aquifers: Challenges and Perspectives. Addendum – SWIM 2012 Proceedings Book. ISBN: 978-85-63243-03-4
  2. Tungaraza, C. Eliapenda, E. Osewe K.O and Palapala, P. M. Adaptation strategies for challenges associated with climate and ecological changes affecting Lake Victoria communities. Final Implementation Report of Research Project. UNITAR 2009.
  1. GC-MS WORKSHOP Covering Fundamentals of GC and Electron Ionization Mass Spectrometry: From Instrumentation to Spectra Interpretation. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology, Kenya 2-6 September 2013.
  2. 4th Conference of the Eastern African Quaternary Research Association (EAQUA), Nanyuki, Kenya, 23rd – 27th July 2013.
  3. Intensive Training Program on Technology for Integrated Water Management 2010 at the University of Antwerp and University of Gent, Belgium, Sept. to Dec. 2010
  4. Field IT” for East Africa Workshop at Lake Natron 28th March to 11th April 2009” Which included the development of “virtual field courses” for Kenyan & Tanzanian universities through field research/training camps where digital methods are used for recording scientific research directed at sustainable water basin management.
  5. A course in Acid Rock Drainage at Bulyanhulu Gold Mine, Tanzania 6 – 7th Nov.2008.
  6. IFS International training workshop on Revision of Research Proposals and Development of scientific manuscripts for publication Nairobi, Kenya, 29 April – 4 May 2008..
  7. A course on Enterprising Teaching-Learning Methods conducted by University of Dar es Salaam Entrepreneurship Centre Organised by PANTIL-SUA, Morogoro, 13-16, November, 2007.
  8. IFS/VLIR/SUA workshop on project proposal Conceptualisation and formulation at Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania, May 7-12, 2007.
  9. DAAD Alumni Summer School on Integrated watershed Management at University of Siegen, 12th – 28th April 2005.
  10. Scientific Symposium on Environment at the Faculty of Science UDSM from 23rd to 26th Sept. 2002.
  11. A course on Tropical Freshwater Ecosystems Management at KWS Naivasha – Kenya1st – 21st Dec. 2002.
  12. A course on Environmental Modelling and Effluent Reuse at Prospective college of Engineering and Technology of UDSM, 21st – 31st Jan. 2002
  13. Groundwater Course covering Groundwater Chemistry, Environmental Risk assessment of Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals and Groundwater pollution at Technical University of Denmark. 17th July – 25th Aug. 2001
Teaching General Chemistry and Environmental chemistry
Google scholar link https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ClJNgq0AAAAJ&hl=en
Researchgate link https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Eliapenda_Elisante
  1. Biogeochemical Composition and Nitrogen Transformation Processes of Spring Water and Groundwater along the Slopes of Mount Meru, Tanzania, PhD research project 2011-2016
  2. Groundwater characterization of a coastal aquifer in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania: Mapping groundwater quality zones and developing groundwater management strategies; 2009-12
  3. Adaptation Strategies for Challenges Associated with Climate and Ecological Changes Affecting Lake Victoria Communities July, 2007-June, 2009.
  4. Research on Daily Dietary Intake of Selected Essential and toxic Mineral Elements from commonly consumed foods in Dar es Salaam. M. Sc. Dissertation 2000-2002