This course is offered to the BSc. Education (Chemistry and Mathematics) and BSc. Education (Chemistry and Biology)  first year students


Credits rating: 2 Credits


Time distribution: Lectures: 30 hours,      Tutorials: 15 hours,          Practical: 45 hours


Course InstructorMr. Sylvanus Ruvubu/ Dr. Faith Mabiki


Teaching Timetable: Chemistry & Biology Stream                Chemistry & Mathematics Stream


Examination Timetable: Chemistry & Biology Stream                Chemistry & Mathematics Stream


Course Content

  1. Introduction to atomic structure and chemical bonding

  2. Mole concept

  3. Properties of gases; liquids and solids

  4. Properties of solutions

  5. Chemical equilibrium

  6. Chemical kinetics


Required Readings

  1. Peter, A. and Julio, P. (2006). Physical Chemistry (8th ed): Oxford University Press, New York.
  2. Petrucci, R.H. (2011). General ChemistryPrinciples and modern applications (10th ed). Pearson Canada Inc., Toronto, Ontario.
  3. Raymond, C. (2008).General Chemistry, the Essential Concepts (6thed): Ryan Blankenship New York

Recommended Readings

  1. David, B. (2014). Physical Chemistry(2nd ed):Cengage Learning
  2. David, E.G. (2007). Chemistry: The McGraw−Hill
  3. Raymond, C. (2000). Physical Chemistry for the Chemical and Biological Sciences(3rd ed):University Science Book
  4. Zumdahl, S.S. (2014). Chemical Principles (9th ed): New York.
  1. Electrochemistry