This course is offered to the BSc. Education (Chemistry and Mathematics), BSc. Education (Chemistry and Biology) and BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science first year students


Credits rating: 2 Credits


Time distribution: Lectures: 30 hours,      Tutorials: 15 hours,          Practical: 45 hours


Course InstructorDr. Mariki, E.


Teaching Timetable: Chemistry & Biology Stream                Chemistry & Mathematics Stream


Examination Timetable: Chemistry & Biology Stream                Chemistry & Mathematics Stream


Course Content

Qualitative analysis:


Ionic equilibria

pH and buffer solutions

Solubility and solubility product, Precipitation and complex formation 

Separation methods.

Quantitative analysis:

Gravimetric methods

Volumetric methods: Acid-base, Precipitation, complexometric, redox and potentiometric titrations;

Sampling techniques


Required Readings

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Recommended Readings

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