DIIT Activities

Department’s core activities

  1. Providing students with academic training by teaching both non-degree and degree programs.
  2. Conducting research in the fields of computing such as information technology, informatics and computer science, as well as information sciences and records management, under the SUA mission of promoting a multidisciplinary approach to research.
  3. Providing consulting services in the fields of information technology and library sciences, as well as the specific application domain of agriculture and agribusiness.
  4. Training research students at the master’s and doctoral levels.
  5. Create innovative ICT-based solutions to societal problems and challenges.
  6. Mentoring students and junior academic staff who want to start ICT and information science businesses or become researchers in these fields.
  7. Provide industry with services through technology transfer and applied research.
  8. Participate actively in the University’s academic affairs in order to influence government policy in the fields of information technology and library sciences.
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