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Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

About the Programme

This programme is designed to produce knowledgeable and skilled personnel in Information Technologies in the total context in which information technology operates. These certificate holders can apply troubleshooting computer hardware, software and networks, use various computer and multimedia application software, develop websites, and work as IT entrepreneur. The programme is available in the College of Natural and Applied Science (CoNAS) under the Department of Informatics and Information Technology (DIIT). It is delivered on a full-time basis for a minimum duration of 1 year.

Expected Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, the graduates of CIT are expected to:

  1. Describe and apply fundamental concepts applied in different areas of Information Technology
  2. Describe and apply troubleshooting computer hardware and networks
  3. Solve computer hardware, software and networks problems
  4. To use various computer and multimedia application software
  5. Development of a website for small organizations
  6. Practice IT professionalism in the technical, ethical and legal point of view
  7. Work as IT entrepreneur

Opportunity to start a bright carrier in Information Technology begins here at SUA.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this certificate programme work as IT technicians. Prospective employees include ICT companies, financial institutions, training institutions, and other private and public institutions.

Admission Requirements

Admission for the Certificate in Information Technology requires O-level certificate with passes in at least four subjects.


TShs. 800,000 per year

Applicants should apply directly to SUA using the SUA online admission system or Click Apply Online (Undergraduate)” button on the SUA website.


Semester 1

Core courses: Mathematics for Information Technology, Computer Hardware, Introduction to Computer Networking, Basics of Information Technology, Communication Skills.

Elective courses: Managing of Computer Peripherals, Website Design and Development, Graphics Design, Mobile Communication Systems.

Semester 2

Core courses: Programming Basics, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Network Design, Installation and Administration, Introduction to Database Systems, Computer Assembling Maintenance and Repair.

Elective courses: Introduction to Operating System, Website Contents Management, Practices of Digital Video Production, Mobile Phone Repair and Maintenance.

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