Digital Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Research Group

Digital Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Research

Group Information and Activities

This group will focus on developing digital agriculture platforms and agricultural advisory services that can provide knowledge to farmers to grow crops and raise livestock. The group will also focus on developing smart farming techniques that provide digital information and data technologies for optimizing complex farming systems. Potential topics will include: crop management, for fertilizer and crop variety recommendations tools, pests, diseases detection and prediction, using resource-constraints devices such as smartphones, control and food quality monitoring, monitor animals and fisheries using satellites and drones, Internet of Things (IoTs), to estimate soil moisture, soil organic matter, and soil nutrients before sowing, utilize satellite data for appropriate decisions, improved irrigation practices, resilient crop varieties and species, new tools for farmers to optimize management of resources, improve crop quality and quantity and remain productive in a changing climate, robotics and automations, image classification, water management with distributed sensors, IoT and multi-agent decision making.

Activities of the group include:


  1. Prof. Camilius Sanga
  2. Dr. Magesa M Mwita
  3. Dr. Michael P. J. Mahenge
  4. Ms. Joan Jonathan
  5. Mr. Hussein Mkwazu
  6. Mr Farian S. Ishengoma

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