Sokoine University of Agriculture has launched a four-year Research Project tilted “Mobility in Innovative Green Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Bioeconomy (Mabadilishano ya Ubunifu wa Teknolojia Kijani Kukabili Mabadiliko ya Tabianchi kwa Uchumi Hai Endelevu) (MUTKKMTUHE)”. The major aim of the project is to advance knowledge of green technologies in Africa and increase scholars’ capacity in addressing climate change mitigation and sustainable bioeconomy. The project was launched at the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CoNAS) on 26th April 2024.

During the Launch, Prof. Japhet J. Kashaigili, the Director for Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, Research, Technology Transfer and Consultancy, praised the project coordinators for winning the project and for a well-organized implementation plan such as that of bringing together stakeholders who are expected to provide the necessary cooperation in achieving project objectives. He also assured that the University management will provide all the necessary support needed for smooth implementation of the project.

The project will be implemented collaboratively by MOI University (Kenya), Mbarara University of Science and Technology (Uganda), Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania), Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia), Institut Facultaire Des Sciences Agronomiques (Democratic Republic of Congo ) and Mendelova Univerzita V Brne (Czech Republic ).

Capacity building of 60 individuals (Students, Staffs and Trainees) will be carried out during the mobility programme. Among them are 35 MSc students, 10 PhD Students, 8 trainees, and 7 Staffs. The beneficiaries are categorized into target groups 1 and 2. Target group 1 (TG-I) will include students from INTERACT-Africa project hosting countries i.e., Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Democratic Republic of Congo. Target group 2 (TG-II) will include students having obtained a degree from all other African countries, with priority being given to students from conflict-affected and disadvantaged countries, including Côte d’Ivoire, Sudan, Somalia, Mozambique and Algeria.

At Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), the project is coordinated by Prof. Faith Mabiki (Department of Chemistry and Physics) and Dr. Richard Madege (Department of Crop Science and Horticulture). Speaking during the Launch, Prof. Faith Mabiki insisted that the project will promote opportunities for learning by strengthening the capacity building of higher education based on training and education in green chemistry, biology and information technology. This will develop a skilled workforce capable of implementing sustainable practices that could establish green technology businesses in Africa.

Dr. Richard Madege elaborated that the implementation of the project at SUA will focus on the development of a Bio fungicide fertilizer formulation for a cost-effective ecofriendly innovation for management of soilborne plant diseases and soil fertility. The project is expected to find green solutions to crop diseases such as wilting diseases in tomato, egg plants, and spices in turn reducing the use of industrial chemicals to protect the health of consumer and biodiversity.

On the other hand, The Dean of Student assured a full-time support to ensure students are well hosted and accommodated throughout the stay and during the training program to ensure that the training program and their research objectives are timely achievable for the allocated period of stay. She insisted the hosted scholars will be prioritized hosted to nearby premises/campus to facilitate/ ensure students get adequate amount of time needed for the laboratory research technique and exposure for their research to ensure timely and accomplished research objectives.

Last but not least Augustin Mbaga representing the chief finance officer made a promising strategy on how best his office can do to make timely financial clearance and fund releases for the hosted student to access their financial needs during the arrival.

With melted heart, Sokoine University with allies would like to thank the European Union (EU) for their heartfelt devoted and encouraging support for young generation career development and environmental sustainability in Africa,  we assure the EU community the effective management of the project and the huge impact in the near future to both institutional parties benefiting from the project, their host countries and Africa at large through economic cooperation and intergovernmental partnership programs.

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