A New Funded Project in the Department under Dr. Barakabitze and his Team

Dr. Alcardo Alex Barakabitze and his team (Prof. Camilius Sanga, Dr. Kadeghe Fue, Dr. Neema Lyimo, Dr. Michael Mahenge, and Dr. Joseph Telemala) from Sokoine University of Agriculture, RECODA and Sahara Ventures announced among the winners of the Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture and Food Systems (AI4AFS) Innovation Research Network in Africa with the project titled “Enhancing Farm -scale Crop Yield Predictions using Machine Learning Models for Internet of Agro- Things in Tanzania”. It is worth mentioning that accurate prediction of crop yields at the farm scale can help smallholder farmers to estimate their net profit and enable insurance companies to ascertain payouts and agri-related loans to farmers.

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